Head & Shoulder Massage


A herbal compress is used to relieve aches and pains

What To Expect:

A head and shoulder massage is the perfect way to release the tension that builds up from too much computer use or other causes of poor posture.

By spending the entire time working directly on the areas that matter most, this type of massage can bring relief to headaches, tension migraines, some forms of insomnia, as well as general aches and pains throughout the head, neck and shoulders. 

This massage can be adapted to meet your specific needs, but combines both oil and Thai massage techniques. Often we will also use a Thai herbal balm to help the muscles to relax even more.


  • 20 Mins $30
  • 30 Mins $40
  • 45 Mins $60
  • 60 Mins $75
  • 90 Mins $110
  • 120 Mins $150


For more information, or to make a booking, call us now on 022 694 2829, or to book online click the button below.

Please note, all massages are strictly professional. Customers requesting any sexually related services will be asked to leave. Inappropriate behaviour will be reported.

Just A Few Of Our Clients Experience

Fantastic deep tissue massage. Really makes a big difference. Such skilled masseuses.


Judene Edgar


Great massage, what you ask is what you get. Walk away feeling a different body. Friendly staff, Highly recommend them.


Graeme Smith


Had a massage with lai today, it was amazing, best massage ever and I've had quite lot in South East Asia.


Cherie Palmer