Traditional Thai Massage


Thai Massage Uses A Range Of Different Techniques

What To Expect:

Thai Massage, known as ‘Nuad Thai’ in Thailand, is a traditional healing system that has been taught, practiced and evolved over thousands of years. It combines accupressure techniques and stretches to balance the energy system, relax the muscles, and calm the mind.

Legend has it that Thai massage was originally developed by Chiwaka Komaraphat, the Buddha’s own physician, and in December 2019 Unesco officially added it to its ‘Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ list. 

In reality it is a complex system that combines knowledge and practices from India, China and other nearby countries. 

Thai massage is typically practiced with the client wearing loose clothing (or in underwear if the clients clothing is too tight), making it perfect for those uncomfortable getting undressed.

Depending on a clients preferences, the massage can be very gentle or extremely firm. The massage is made up of pressing pressure points, squeezing muscles, and passively stretching limbs.

Thai massage has been used to treat a range of difference health concerns including stress, headaches, muscles aches and insomnia. The massage itself can be very relaxing, yet afterwards clients generally feel re-energised. 


  • 20 Mins $30
  • 30 Mins $40
  • 45 Mins $60
  • 60 Mins $75
  • 90 Mins $110
  • 120 Mins $150


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Please note, all massages are strictly professional. Customers requesting any sexually related services will be asked to leave. Inappropriate behaviour will be reported.

Just A Few Of Our Clients Experience

Fantastic deep tissue massage. Really makes a big difference. Such skilled masseuses.


Judene Edgar


Great massage, what you ask is what you get. Walk away feeling a different body. Friendly staff, Highly recommend them.


Graeme Smith


Had a massage with lai today, it was amazing, best massage ever and I've had quite lot in South East Asia.


Cherie Palmer